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SV Scientific is fabulous Stability Chamber Suppliers India. The Purpose of Stability Chamber is that we used it for stability testing which provide evidence of how quality of drug substances or drug product varies with time under the influence of environmental factors such as temperature, humidity and light. And also retest period for the drug substance or product under recommended storage conditions. Hence stability chamber serves as an important Quality attribute of the product.

We are one of the Stability Chamber Suppliers India & offered stability chambers are also designed to meet the requirements of normal Q1A stability testing from 25oc to 40oc as well as from 60% to 75% RH. Other temperature and humidity ranges can also be made available by us as demanded by the customers. Its temperature range is 100C to 500C, ± 0.50C. The humidity range is 40% to 95% ± 2% RH.

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Applications of Stability Chamber:

  •  Conditioning of samples.
  •  Accelerated shelf life studies.
  •  Stability testing for Drugs & Pharma industries.
  •  Climate conditioning.
  •  Defense and Aerospace industries

Safety Features of Stability Chamber:

  •  Control system with inbuilt temp. Deviation audio video alarm.
  •  A wet heater safety device.
  •  A dry heater safety device.
  •  Individual HRC fuses for Compressor, Air heater, Wet Heater and Mains.

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