Sonicator probe type lab and production

Being our one of the most powerful laboratory device, sonicator probe-type lab and production is suitable to fulfill various applications such as dispersion, emulsifying, homogenizing and more. Probe-type sonicator by SV Scientific has a higher intensity and efficiency of the sonication process.

Redefining the sonication process

Sonicator probe-type lab and production comprises of 3 major components: U/S Generator, Converter and Horn (also known as a probe). The dimension of the probe plays a significant role wherein the probe tip diameter and power dictates the amount of sample that can be effectively processed. It is important to select the appropriate generator and probe to match the volume, viscosity and other parameters of each particular application.

Sonicator probe type lab and production


  •  Disruption of cell, bacteria, virus, tissue
  •  Homogenizing of substances
  •  De-agglomeration of nano particles
  •  Producing of finest emulsions
  •  Acceleration of chemical reactions
  •  Production of dispersions

We, at SV Scientific, offer precision engineering along with the best-in-class Sonicator probe-type lab and production to create a system for ultrasonic disruption.