Our Principals

Miles Scientific offers the widest selection of adsorbent layers, plate sizes, and precoated TLC plate styles available anywhere. We also offer a complete line of TLC apparatus and accessories. MILES SCIENTIFIC UNIPLATES are routinely used in thousands of Analytical, Research, Clinical, Industrial, and Quality Control Laboratories throughout the world. As well as selling direct to customers, Miles ScientificC products are represented by over 45 distributors worldwide, including Alltech, SigmaAldrich, and VWR.

Website :- www.ichromatography.com/

ARCTIKO is probably the most innovative cold chain manufacturer in the world. We have an absolute passion for what we do. Our aim is to create products with technology foresight and to be competitive in quality and prices. We have experienced a tremendous growth in the last few years, not only in the field of research for best solutions, but we also offer easy and accessible servicing. We are confident that our concepts and ways of working are the reason for our success.

Website :- http://www.arctiko.com/

A Pioneer in Food and Process Technology Since its founding in the middle of the last century, Agtron Inc. has been a pioneering leader in food and process technology.Flexibility, ease of operation, high resolution, and excellent repeatability in the production/industrial environment make Agtron a leader in setting and maintaining standards.

Website: https://www.agtron.net/Products.html

Biometrics Technologies, Inc. has a solid foundation with scientific professional, is established in 2013. Our company has successfully developed a several of high-tech products with patented technology. With strong R&D and expert management team, Biometrics products are a good reputation and advanced designing for the clinical diagnosis and life science. To ensure premium quality, business processes and quality control strictly follow up the ISO 9001 quality management system.

Website :- www.biometrics-technologies.com

An integral line of big steam sterilizers for the health service and laboratories. The sterilization effect is achieved through the action of saturated water steam subject to a specified temperature, pressure and sterilization exposure time. Usually, a temperature of 121°C or 134°C is applied during the sterilization exposure time, which ranges from 4 – 60 minutes, depending on the nature of use.

Website :- www.sterilizers-bmt.com

CERI has been developing convenient and high performance columns based upon our experiences as users of chromatographs since 1984.During this time we have developed and supplied products for HPLC and GC including L-column and L-column2 for high performance liquid chromatography, and G-column for gas chromatography, wide-bore, open tubular columns.During this time we have developed and supplied products for HPLC and GC including L-column and L-column2 .

Website :- www.cerij.or

At FILTRA VIBRACIÓN, S.L. we specialize in the manufacture of all types of metal mesh industrial filters. We have a team with over 20 years’ experience in this field, developing, together with our customers, solutions in filter consumables for multiple industrial sectors such as chemicals, petrochemicals, pharmaceutical, plastics, resins, thermal oils, etc. We manufacture a multitude of industrial filters in AISI 304 or AISI 306 stainless steel: cylindrical filters, DN22 to DN 600Y-type.

Website :-www.filtra.com

GFL GmbH established in 1967 manufactures High Quality Laboratory Equipments – Shakers, Water Baths, Shaking Water Baths, Shaking Incubator, Deep Freezers in their Hanover factory in Germany.We are authorised dealer & stockies of GFL Bolts which are widely used in industrial and automobile industries. It is highly appreciated for its cost effective and wear & tear resistant features. It is manufactured in accordance with required standards and can be customized.

Website :-www.gfl.de

For more For more than 30 years, the core competence of Herolab is based in Centrifuges with the necessary accessories table top centrifuge to the high speed floor model with a capacity of up to 6 liters. Herolab attained to the illustrious circle of high speed centrifuges manufacturer and is well-known to customers all over the world. .Also manufatures Gel Documentation Systems & related Equipments for Laboratory.

Website :-www.herolab.de

Laboratory and industrial Devices for “Bio-Diesel” application ical Processes (Eg- Sonochemistry, Biodiesel Conversion or Petrochemistry) Nanomaterials Paint & Ink * Coatings Food & Beverage Pharmaceutics & Cosmetics Biological Processes Homogenizing, Disintegration Emulsifying, Dispersing and Milling Vial Tweeter: for vials of 2ml, 4ml and tubes, beaker up to 500ml with other probe Capacity: 6 vials of 10w and 2vials of 5w, frequency 24khz. optional software.

Website :-www.hielscher.com

Over more than 60 years as manufacturers of scientific equipments for laboratories, J.P. Selecta has achieved in consolidating a prestigious position in this market, distributing to more than 100 countries. The production of catalogues in different languages as well as our participation in numerous exhibitions internationally recognized, such as: Analytica, Achema, Medica, Pittcon, Expoquimia, Shanghai, Moscow, Arablab, etc, are a clear example of our effort to outreach to new markets.

Website :-www.jp.com/

MMM Medcenter is the specialized supplier of innovative heat technology products of drying, incubating and hot air sterilization applied in research, development, production and quality assurance.MMM Medcenter Einrichtungen GmbH is specialized in the sales and service of these high-quality products. This technologically leading product line is based on a know-how accumulated over many years and meets the demands and requirements of an ever changing market.

Website :-www.mmm-medcenter.de

Nabertherm Germany, manufactures Laboratory & industrial Furnaces with very high quality & reliable Instruments.Nabertherm has over 300 employees all around the world who have combined their skills and experience to produce a large range of furnaces and ovens for all types of laboratory and industrial application for over 50 years. Over 150,000 customers spread between 100 countries can all testify to the quality of Nabertherm products.

Website :- www.nabertherm.com

Ohio Valley has complete line of high quality OV liquid phase And Fused silica capillary columns. OVSC columns are manufactured using genuine OV liquid phases. These columns are capable of performing a wide variety of separations on the most difficult samples and are extremely reproducible, highly efficient, inert, thermally stable and bonded. Each column is thoroughly preconditioned and individually pretested to guarantee high quality.

Website :- www.ovsc.com

Soltec is an Italian company, based in Milan that produces and distributes in Italy and abroad, washing machines and ultrasonic cleaners for specific fields. With over 20 years of experience in ultrasonic cleaning within medical, dental industry, pharmaceutical, laboratory Soltec has notched up numerous successes on the domestic and foreign markets, establishing itself as young and dynamic company able to meet various needs customers. Its know-how and investment in research .

Website :-www.soltec.com

TAITEC CORPORATION is a manufacturer of instruments for life science and environmental tests which are widely used in laboratories of universities and private corporations.Taitec was founded in Tokyo in 1942 and started as a manufacturer of glass apparatus for chemical and scientific tests. Since then we created over 200 kinds of various instruments related to life science and they have been accepted to the market with reputation until now.

Website :-e-taitec.com

Tomy Digital Biology was founded in 1958, has been producing High quality products at their factory in Fukushima, Japan , product range includes Laboratory Vertical Autoclaves for Research, Food Industry, Pharma & related Fields. Tomy also has High speed Refrigerated Centrifuges & related Life Science Products which are well known in the industry for their quality & reliability.One of the editorial policies of many Western business publications is to ignore merger.

Website :-www.digital-biology.co

Toray Engineering develops oxygen analyzers with sensors employing our unique zirconia ceramic cells.Our diverse product lineup includes high-accuracy, high-reliability gas analyzers for everything from semiconductors and electronic components, to environmental equipment and food packaging. From water pollution in rivers, lakes, marshes, sea areas and factory wastewater… to monitoring ultrapure water used in processes such as semiconductor manufacturing.

Website :- www.toray-eng.com

Made in Ireland. Physical & Chemical Standards. Most of standards SRM traceable NIST and others ISO certified. Standards including ph, conductivity, Redox, Viscosity, Spectrometry, Refractive, Melting Point, Osmolity, AAS/ICP, colour and many more.Reagecon occupies a unique position in terms of range, scope, breadth and depth of products offered. Techniques, technologies and scientific disciplines covered include Standards, Reagents and Reference Materials.

Website :- www.reagecon.com/

Made in Germany. 1st Hydrolytic Class Glass (USP Type 1) Chromatography Vials & Closures (HPLC/GC), Sample Storage vials, Vial crimper & De cappers, Vial Storage boxes & Racks, Syringe filters, PP Syringes, 96 well Plates. All material manufactured and packed under 10,000 clean Room. Vials & caps specification certified, Optional with LC/GC test certificate. Suitable for Agilent, Waters, Shimadzu, Thermo HPLC /GC systems.

Website :- http:www.la-pha-pack.com/

ZWIEBEL, the leading French manufacturer of precision weights and masses that comply with the international R111-2004 recommendation of the OIML (International Organisation for Legal Metrology). Our weights and masses are made out of stainless steel, brass or cast iron.ZWIEBEL is able to meet all types of requests, from 0.1mg to 2 tonnes, for all classes (E0, E1, E2, F1, F2, M1, M1-2, M2, M2-3, M3).

Website :- www.zwiebel-weights.com

LAUDA is the most cost-effective choice when it comes to premium-quality LAUDA thermostats. These reliable and user-friendly thermostats, with features reduced to the essentials, can be operated with non-flammable liquids and are suitable for both internal and external temperature control tasks.

Website :- www.lauda.de

If you look for consumables for your AAS like graphite tubes made in Germany, hollow cathode lamps or for your ICP like nebulizers, torches, sampler and skimmer cones and more - here's the right place to be!

For over 30 years now, we support customers with consumables for AAS, ICP, ICP-MS and FT-IR. Our suppliers are Glass Expansion, Burgener, Meinhard, Cowie PTFE parts, Photron lamps, Heraeus, GBC and many more...

Website :- www.maassen-gmbh.de

J.G. Finneran Associates is a manufacturer and supplier of unique and innovative products for the global chromatography, biotechnology, environmental, and laboratory communities. Our products deliver reliable performance while expediting and simplifying the analysis process. J.G. Finneran Associates is the original inventor and designer of many products that are commonplace in the laboratory. These items include Snap Ring Vials, Snap Top Caps.

Website :- www.jgfinneran.com

Design and manufaction of laboratory equipment needs special care for quality, safety and for serviceability, to be realised for an affordable price. Sales through a large world-wide dealer-network stands for fast delivery, quick aftersales service and warrantee. Machinery (CNC) has been installed in the workshops of the factory in Breda. Most of the machined parts for Labinco equipment are hand-made which guarantees quality and optimal specifications conformity. Skilled personnel takes care of design,parts-machinery, assembly and testing of Labinco equipment, under optimal quality, safety and CE-conformity conditions.Packaging and transportation all over the world are constantly monitored.

Website :- www.labinco-bv.com

TPP, the color Yellow is the Swiss Brand that belongs to the international circle of brands for high quality plastic disposable products for tissue culture and laboratory technology since 1966. Field of applications of TPP products can be among others found in biotechnology, pharmaceutical, institutes and universities as well as in research institutes and others

TPP is constantly active in the research and development of new products as well as improvements on treatment of the cell growth areas. Also TPP aims to receive a leading role in the area of hygienically standards in production (Authorized for Karnataka region only).

Website :- www.tpp-india.com

Labor Security System is leader in the design and production of safety cabinets SAFETYBOX® for the storage of flammable, chemical and gas products, as well as the activated charcoal filters CARBOX®. In the market for 25 years, the Company has always focused the utmost attention on the clients´ needs. This attention reflects in the invention of cutting-edge, innovative products and features.

Website :- www.laborsecurity.com

FASTER S.r.l., born in 1984 and based in Italy, is one of the leading European manufacturers of wide range of Laboratory equipment.

Current production includes:

Laminar airflow cabinets, Microbiological safety cabinets, Cytotoxic drug safety cabinets, Ultra-low freezers, Cabinets for special applications, Customizations and bespoke units, Isolators for cytotoxic applications and sterility tests, Pharma industry laminar airflow systems, FORLAB laboratory benches and fume hoods

Website :- www.faster-air.com/en/

We are a leading manufacturer of modern and reliable medical and laboratory centrifuges in Poland. Our direct partners include scientific and research centers and laboratories that help us to satisfy the requirements of our customers

Our manufacturing cycle begins with our design and technology departments where we use 3D computer aided design processes.With our technical potential, we are able to manufacture electro-mechanical instruments with electronic components. We use numerically controlled machine tools, metal sheet processing equipment, and computer-controlled balancers and engraving machines. We have a list of approved suppliers in the area of design and manufacturing of electronic circuits, mechanical processing as well as other manufacturing techniques.

Website :- www.mpw.pl

LabTech is a leading manufacturing company with skill and passion devoted to provide advanced laboratory solutions to the analytical community. We are located in Sorisole, northern Italy, with facilities in USA and China. Incorporated with global branches, LabTech is organized into R&D, production, marketing & sales and customer support.

Major LabTech products include organic/inorganic sample preparation systems, laboratory cooling/heating/ temperature control equipments, analytical instruments and gas generators. With knowledgeable scientists and experienced engineers, our R&D team has developed and released a series of new lab equipments and instruments dedicated to the modern analytical laboratories.

Website :- www.labtechsrl.com/#products

The company VDS optilab Chromatographietechnik GmbH situated in Berlin was founded in 1987 by Mr. Roland von der Sitt and has been dealing with the production, development and sales of chromatography columns, separation phases and accessories ever since. VDS optilab was established on its founder's experience at that time already who previously worked as production manager for a renowned HPLC columns manufacturer for many years.

Website :- www.vdsoptilab.de/hplc-columns-made-by-vds-optilab.html

FALC INSTRUMENTS was founded in 1973 in the industrial North Italy and has over 40 years of experience in the manufacturing of articles for chemical, pharmaceutical and hospital laboratories.

The constant commitment in research and innovation allows offering lab technicians a range of innovative products able to satisfy every kind of request.

Website :- www.falcinstruments.it/en/

A&D Company, Limited is a world-class producer of advanced measuring, monitoring, controlling and testing instruments. Individuals with varied educational and technical skills use these instruments in a wide range of applications. Products developed from A&D's unique skills in analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversion technology have helped to produce state-of-the-art equipment, including electronic balances, scales, weighing indicators and blood pressure monitors. Our range allows users to measure accurately in innovative ways that fit their individual needs, while at the same time providing cost-effective, reliable and user-friendly products.

Website : http://www.aandd.jp/

Water and colour are our life — not just a profession at Lovibond® Tintometer Group.Without water, life on earth would be impossible. Without colour, life would be gloomy and boring. It is therefore important that we maintain both diligently. With our measuring equipment and verification standards, we are safekeeping both worldwide. We’ve been pushing the boundaries water testing and colour measurement – for over 130 years. In petroleum, edible oils, foods, textiles, beverages and cosmetics Lovibond® Tintometer ensures quality with colour control. The implementation of internationally recognised colour scales, colorimeters and comparators also ensure the right colour is met in aviation and medical science as well as in coatings and mineral oils. We are setting standards for analytics – since 1885 with the Lovibond® colour scale.

Website : http://www.lovibond.com/

A century-Long history of Yanaco Group is also recognized as the one of analytical measurement fields,such as in atmospheric environment and in water monitoring necessity. Yanaco's accumulated technologies had been devoted from the repetition cycle of hypothesis,experiment and verification,by a lot of engineers.Then convincton has transformed into the confident products and been completed to be introduced into the required needs/wants in the specific analytical/measuring field. Yanaco's invaluable history has to lead to the futuristic environmental protection on our earth.In brief,Anatec Yanaco contributes to connect accumulated history of technological measurement/analysis with up-to-date technology to the future.

Website : http://english.yanaco.co.jp/

Since the foundation at June, 2009, AEMIC has been contributing electric/electronic measuring devices as the designing/developing and manufacturing maker; considerable customers consequently adopt our product lines for various application fields.Now, we have established one separated division that introduce excellent analytical instruments manufactured in Japan, other than us. (Named as AEMIC Trading)As it has been regarded as significant importance of measuring concentration of respective element especially by elemental analysis demand, we have to introduce proper instruments in order to realize environmental protection along with the implementing of strict regulations.n such circumstance, we appreciate and prompt introduction of the products to be granted by the customers’ request.

Website : http://ae-mic-trading.com/

The Brand Fiocchetti was Born towards the End of the 60’ as the result of a company focused on the manufacturing of cooling Equipment for catering and medical fields.

The choice to dismiss the production of catering refrigerators derived, after years, from the precise will of specializing on development and Manufacturing of TOP Quality refrigerators for Pharmacies hospital, blood transfusion centres.

Website :- www.fiocchetti.it/en/