Muffle Furnace Suppliers in India

SV Scientific is outstanding Muffle Furnace Suppliers in India. A muffle furnace is kind of oven-type equipment which can reach with high temperatures. In this there is an insulating material which effectively acts as muffle & prevent heat from escaping. It is also used in so many research facilities. The heating elements is made up of using wire & its main feature is in high temperature ceramic wool insulation which assisting in avoiding probable energy.

We Muffle Furnace Suppliers in India & our furnaces incorporated with high grade of insulation package which is using high purity alumina fiber. These Muffle Furnace Suppliers in India will not hot spot at very high temperatures and these are resistant to degradation. There is rugged steel shell which is used for easy access inside the furnaces. Muffle furnace is with externally heated chamber & its radiant walls heat the contents in the chamber which in turn heated the material without contact with flame. Muffle furnaces are utilized in laboratories for creating extremely high-temperature. It test the characteristics of materials at very extremely high & also at accurate temperature.

Muffle Furnace Applications:

  •  Fusing glass
  •  Creating enamel coatings
  •  Ceramics
  •  Soldering
  •  Brazing


  •  Conduction
  •  Convection
  •  Blackbody radiation from electrical-resistance heating elements
  •  Fully programmable control of heating and cooling rates.
  •  Highly uniform temperature control.
  •  Highly reliable designs use only premium components. Our design emphasis is long life
  •  Extra sturdy construction for long term use.

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