Large Steam Sterilizer EN 285

With more than two decades of experience, SV Scientific specializes in large steam sterilizer EN 285. Our large steam sterilizers are designed as per the European standard and are primarily used in health care for the sterilization of medical devices and their accessories contained in one or more sterilization modules. The requirement of large steam sterilizer EN 285 is increasing for ethylene or propylene oxide fumigation or ionization. Steam sterilization is efficient in eliminating bacteria and clean energy to heat the product.

SV Scientific offers wide range of scientific instruments and laboratory equipments of outstanding quality at low prices, with a huge selection and as per International standards.

Disinfections, sterilization and decontamination

SV Scientific manufacturers compact steam sterilizers suitable for the sterilization of all instruments, materials, textile, rubber and plastics. Our large steam sterilizers EN 285 are known for their speed, reliability and the highest level of sterilization. The steam sterilizers are used for sterilization of solid objects without liquids content, suspensions and emulsions, liquid medical forms and steam decontamination.

Large Steam Sterilizer EN 285

What makes us our large steam sterilizer EN 285 the best is the European standardization, flexibility in size and capacity and the best-in-class technology.