Pass-Through Autoclave European Directive No. 97/23/EC

Founded in 1997, SV Scientific focuses on designing, engineering, and manufacturing highly efficient, highly reliable, low-maintenance pass-through autoclave European Directive No. 97/23/EC. Over the years, we have emerged as one of the best pass-through autoclave manufacturers and suppliers.

Though the name may sound typical and intricate, an autoclave is a pressure chamber in which industrial processes are carried out at higher temperatures. Widely used to sterilize equipment, autoclaves come in varied specifications for laboratory applications. For instance, in biological safety laboratory, fitting is used as a sterilization and pass-through lock for protecting the external environment.

Power of innovation in sterilization

Pass-through autoclaves, also known as double-ended autoclaves are a special type of steam sterilizer used in high-containment laboratories with dangerous pathogens and microorganisms.

At SV Scientific, we have design and manufacture the best-in-class pass-through autoclave European Directive No. 97/23/EC and also custom autoclaves which meet the most specifications and customer application requirements.

Applications of pass-through autoclaves

  •  For biological safety laboratories
  •  For clean rooms in laboratories and production facilities
Pass-Through Autoclave European Directive No. 97/23/EC