Depyrogenation Ovens Suppliers

SV Scientific is throughout Depyrogenation Ovens Suppliers. It is designed in a manner that it meet the Sterilization & Depyrogenation in pharmaceutical & biotechnology industries. It is also called as Dry Heat Sterilizer. It use dry heat or we can say hot air for sterilization process. Depyrogenation is technique, which is used to sterilize products which are moisture sensitive.

We Depyrogenation ovens suppliers in India and our ovens cannot sterilized the medicinal products. It is a process used for reducing pyrogen level with the use of hot air. There are some of the examples or products which require dry heat sterilization like Dry powder drugs, ointment, oil, sharp objects, wax, metal parts etc. These all require Depyrogenation & we are one of the best Depyrogenation Ovens Suppliers. Our all dry heat sterilizers are Quality Assured & which require validation which is achieved by our ovens. These Depyrogenation Ovens are equipped PLC operated fully automatic control panel which helps in controlling all cycles automatically.

Features of Depyrogenation Ovens:

  •  Meet pharmaceutical industry standards
  •  Uniform air circulation for efficient sterilization
  •  Digital readouts of all parameters
  •  Total concealed wiring
  •  stainless steel construction

Business type of Depyrogenation Ovens Suppliers Company: Distributor

Areas covered by Depyrogenation Ovens Suppliers Company: All over India